Type GS

Type GS was developed for special cases, such as materials which are highly sensitive to marking.
An electrically conductive silicone hose is fitted onto an STS expander roller which is usually also covered with a conductive rubber material. By this method, while still taking advantage of the elasticity of the helical lamella, the fabric web is prevented from entering the lamella groove by covering the lamella gap with the cover. In order to avoid milling effects, the hose is attached by means of cable ties which are tied radially across the ends of the roller.

This can easily be done on site by the customer himself, if required. In the event that the hose is worn, you may fit a new hose, which can be ordered from us as a spare part. But of course we can also do this for you, which would include additional testing of your roller on the balancing bench.

The dimensions of Type GS deviate from the other STS types. The diameter is approx. 125 mm. The surface length is up to max. approx. 3000 mm, depending on the speed of the machine, however.